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SAMPLER - Tim Kaufman
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I love singing. I love teaching. But most of all I love singing and teaching about God and the truths found in His Word, the Bible. I have been singing and teaching about and for Him since I was 14.      


What a journey it's been too!  At times, more than I'd like to admit, I've doubted the very truths I've sung or taught about. But that's about me, not God. The fact that He never gives up on us is a testimony to His faithfulness, even when we aren't as faithful as we should or could be. I've learned that He can be trusted.        


The sacrificial death of Christ for you and me on the cross and that first Easter Sunday validate, more than any events in human history, the kindness and mercy of this loving God who made payment for our sin so we could come close to Him forever. This is the gospel I love and live to sing!

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SAMPLER - Tim Kaufman
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