April 16, 2017

Not long ago my friend, evangelist Sumner Wemp, told me the story of when he confronted the head of a major Christian organization about not presenting the gospel accurately.  Fortunately, this leader was teachable and he said,  “Sumner, what do you mean I’m not presenting the gospel?”  Sumner replied, “When you lead people in the prayer to receive Christ at the end of your telecast, you are asking them to believe in Jesus for their salvation but you never mention the resurrection of Christ.”

This leader was stunned and said, “Sumner…you are right…I’ve been asking them to pray the prayer of salvation, to believe that Jes...

February 28, 2017

 A song I recorded a few years ago is entitled, “All the Time in the World.”  And there’s a lyric in this song that I think is pretty amazing.  It says, “You can turn to Him again and again.”

We welcome that truth when we’re in trouble.  We embrace it when we’re praying on someone else’s behalf.  We recommend it when a friend needs an encouraging word.  But what about when we sin?  Do we really believe that we can come to God again and again for the same nagging sin that just seems to hang on like slop on a hog?  Does Jesus ever get to the point where He says, “That’s far enough…I’ve forgiven you soooo many times for thi...

February 28, 2017

One evening after the kids were in bed and we were relaxing, each of us with a favorite book, my wife asked me, “Why do you love me?”

I paused, thinking, “careful here Tim…you need to get this one right!”  But as I studied her eyes I knew it was not an interrogation but an honest inquiry…a desire for the reassurance we all need on a regular basis.  I responded, “I love you because from the start, I felt safe with you.  I have always felt I could share anything with you without fear of condemnation. Your acceptance has been your best gift to me.”

Then, in need of a few strokes myself, I asked, “And why do you love me?” 


February 28, 2017

Recently a good friend of mine who loves Jesus remarried after losing his wife to cancer. He married what everyone thought was a godly woman.

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