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List of songs:
  1. How Great Thou Art
  2. The Highest Praise
  3. Sun Rays
  4. I Keep Falling in Love With Him
  5. Love Them While We Can
  6. Never Alone
  7. Say I Do
  8. No Other Way
  9. The Day He Wore My Crown
10. The Touch of the Master’s Hand
11. Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
12. People Need the Lord
13. Will I Wish I Had Given Him All

Tim Kaufman Favorites - Quantity Discounts

  • Tim’s inspirational gospel music is a blend of both the vocal power ballad with the gentle crooning and easy listening of lighter vocal stylings. All of his music is tastefully arranged and orchestrated to enlist the interest of a variety of age groups and genre appreciation.

  • RETURNS - We'll mail a replacement CD upon receiving the defective CD from you, no questions asked.
    REFUND - We'll issue a full refund (except your return shipping) upon receiving the returned products, no questions asked.

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